Tea Parties

  • Have you ever had a tea party as a child? If not, you should. As a child, when I had high tea with my Mother; my name was Mrs. Pumpkin and we spoke about important issues like my dolls.
  • Recently, I realized that I can still have afternoon tea with friends and acquaintances. The best place is the garden or patio. If you do not have that available, a room with natural light and a strong air flow will suffice.
  • Tea Parties are different from Garden Parties due to less people and more relaxation. For any affair it is best to have the menu planned at least one week in advance. Friends can bring along lady fingers, crumpets and whichever pastries they most prefer.
  • (Should you decide to try it; do not forget to lay your snacks neatly on a dessert tray with doilies and napkins.) I always say, that there is nothing wrong with a little flare. Remember that lace and velvet (crushed is easy to manage) add old time elegance to the gathering. Nice China is very important plus a little friendly snobbery for extra fun. Stick out that pinky finger when you sip.
  • What ever style you choose, I recommend having your tea party once a week to relieve stress. For tea I would serve anything from Apple Cinnamon to Chamomile. Surprisingly enough, many people, who do not ordinarily drink tea, prefer good old Lipton.