Masquerade Parties

  • Masquerade parties are the most underrated entertainment themes around. They are commonly associated with Castles, decadence and “cloak and dagger” scenarios from days of old. Well, that was then and now we’re looking for something fun to do.
  • Sophistication is key. The details must be in place well before the party. Hors d’oeuvres and mini entrees are perfect. Buffets interfere with the mood and are too distracting. Do not offer too many salty snacks. People should be encouraged to mingle and salt may keep people too close to the beverage area.
  • The typical time is 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m… Invitations are mandatory. Something fancy, this is not a typical affair.
  • As for clothing; Capes are alot of fun for the men and are great for concealment. Women may want to raid the costume shop for Victorian Clothing. *Hint: Vintage clothes can work wonders for costume ware. Search the web for costume resources in your area. You may want to include a list in the invitations.
  • The point of masks is to take a stab at trickery and teasing. The best masks cover only half of the face; the forehead to the nose and remember to keep the lights dimmed.
  • The beauty of it, is the chance to change our persona. The masks are an aid to hide our ordinary selves so that we can take on a new personality, playacting and freeing ourselves from every day inhibitions. That is why so many murder mysteries take place in masquerade settings. It’s the old “Who’s who?”
  • Classical music or old time organ music adds a mystical effect. Fruit punch with and without alcohol is a nice way to keep everyone refreshed. Make sure everyone mingles, that is a primary part of a masquerade. Throughout the evening each person must identify the other. All the world’s a stage, so play. Have fun.
  • Here are some resources for masks. *You may want to have a couple of extra masks on hand in case someone shows up without one.