Holiday Celebration Ideas

Holiday Celebration Ideas
  • Carols are wonderful for Christmas celebrations. The trick is to have the song lyrics on hand so everyone can join in. People who love to hide in the background will be encouraged to celebrate and be part of the festivities. To find lyrics to the most popular carols. You can simply print them up and pass them out.
  • Chanukah celebrations can include a game of dreidel (a dreidel is a block with one Hebrew letter on each side, together spelling a miracle happened here). You can use chocolate coins for tokens. The letters guide the game, for instance; Nun means nothing, the next player throws the block, SHIN means the player forfeits a token, Hey means winner takes half of the pot and Gimel means winner takes all. Don’t forget to light the menorah.
  • More fun for the holidays can include a Gift-Go-Round. In this party guests buy Christmas gifts within a fixed price range, something like $25.00 to $45.00. The gifts are entered into a cloth sack or something sturdy and festive. It is passed around the room and each guest chooses one from the collection. For extra excitement, each gift giver should be kept anonymous. For an odd number of guests, the host or group will add the additional gift.
Make Your Own Greeting Gifts
  • Cut out 4×4 inch squares of lace or mesh cloth. Here is a resource that may help put it together: ¬†Fill each square with a tablespoon and a half of potpourri. Tie each one at the base with thin satin ribbon. ¬†Spread out the excess mesh on top for a flowery look. It is elegant and quick for that special occasion effect. (*Tip: The trick to a fragrant sachet is to add a few drops of the potpourri oil before wrapping it into the fabric.) Custom “Field of Dreams” and “Heirloom Lace” Potpourri have the scents and textures that will work perfectly. Look for a nice variety of scents with deeper mixtures for men as well. Darker fabric with Sandalwood, Cedar or Pine scents are also suitable for male guests.
Other tips
  • Get rid of the styrofoam plates and plastic utensils at gatherings. Ceramic plates and metal utensils (light weight) make mingling easier and the affair more upscale. Chinette thick plastic plates are another option for plateware.
  • Decor suitable for all of the holidays combined are gold and white. Gold ribbon laid across a white table cloth adds a nice touch.
  • Here are some desserts that people have enjoyed most for the holidays; Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Chambord Cake, German Chocolate Cake, Cranberry Cheese Tart, Truffle Cakes, Pumpkin Tart, and Italian Cream Cake.
  • Remember not to allow anyone to drive home drunk. Have designated drivers available or additional sleeping quarters in case someone needs to spend the night. Have Fun! – Delightful Biteful