Dessert Gifts

Dessert Party Tips

  • Have fun at your own party with some little tips and tricks to improve the atmosphere. Prepare in advance to make the occasion go smoothly. If you have the budget and are hiring a catering company, remember they are only in charge of the food and you will need to tend to everything else. Have everything unwrapped, and make sure that the silverware is polished. ┬áCover the table with a linen tablecloth and neatly place folded linen napkins. Save yourself all of the extra trips to the kitchen and put out the extras such as dressings and condiments. Have your ice cubes out of the tray, into the cube bowl, inside of the freezer and ready to go before the party starts.
  • Set up your coffee pot so that you can push the “on” button and have coffee right away. If you have room, you may also want to set up the coffee cups and saucers together with spoons, so that you can simply pour the coffee and serve.
  • Offer tea as well as coffee. Do not serve flavored coffee with cakes or pastries; the contrast is overwhelming to the palette. Flavored coffee only works with fruit, particularly berries and melons. Serve a nice Columbian Coffee or some full flavored bean instead. Sparkling water with a wedge of lemon quenches a thirst nicely, especially when serving sweets.
  • Soft cookies and mini cakes are a good idea for the careful nibblers. Assorted cakes neatly precut and placed on a platter makes a nice presentation. Cut the desserts when they are very cold for neat portions. It is best to add no more than three types of desserts. Light coats of frosting on cakes and pastries are the most manageable.
  • Try to consider everyone. Keep sugar free sweeteners around for special needs as well as non-dairy creamers and salt substitutes.
  • Have a backup plan. Your dessert might not come out as planned. Rather than suffer the embarrassment, there is no shame in a last minute takeaway dessert.
  • Pastel colors are wonderful for party decor. It is usually easy to locate a nice pastel colored tablecloth with color coordinated napkins. Try not to use Cray paper or plastic table covering. If you can not find a colored cloth; white will do just fine.
  • If you like to entertain often, you may want to consider a fish tank. Believe it or not; Soft background music combined with swaying exotic fish, make the mood very soothing and encourages a safe feeling for your guests. Of course you must keep it away from the dining area. It may be a turn off if set in the wrong location.

Dessert Gifts

  • Celebrate with a delicious Chocolate Cake, or Cheesecake Sampler. A fancy style dessert will enhance any occasion.
  • Our selection of baked goods and specialty desserts are made from superior ingredients and specially packaged to arrive fresh and delicious. With secure and convenient online purchasing, your order is delivered directly with a personalized gift message.
  • Now you can enjoy sweets without the guilt! Our new selection of scented dessert candles, are so well crafted, some folks mistake them for the real thing.
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  • We offer a selection of low carb, sugar free desserts, for diabetics and weight conscious sweet lovers.
  • Our cheesecake samplers include the fabulous flavors of Peanut Butter Cup, Strawberry, Marble, Amaretto, and Chocolate Raspberry, and to drive away the winter blues, exotic, tropical cheesecake flavors are also available.
  • Delicious chocolate and caramel covered apples are a popular way to award someone special and now you can send expensive tasting, award winning, gourmet chocolates without the expense. Coconut Delights and Chocolate Mint Truffles are among our new best sellers.


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